Team-level Excel Database (updated 2011)

A key component to both the site-level Documentation Journal and Synthesis form is the annotated graph showing the relationship between changes and results. Both the Documentation Journal  and Synthesis forms include a hard copy template in which data can be graphed, and the graph annotated. However, if QI teams and collaborative managers have access to a computer, electronic versions of these graphs can be used.  This Excel database has been created by HCI for use at the site level. It provides a mechanism for data entry of monthly or weekly collaborative indicator data, with automatic calculation of percentages and automatic creation of time series charts with appropriate labeling and documentation. This database also includes several features to reduce data entry error.

This database is for a single facility. Different versions of the database are available for monthly or weekly data. Also available is a version of the database that can aggregate data for multiple facilities.

Note: this file requires Excel 2007 or newer. Click here for excel tips for run charts.

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Simon Hiltebeitel
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