Towards a National In-service Training Strategy

A consultative workshop was held August 13-15, 2012 with 35 participants representing the key stakeholder groups of FMOH, Regional Health Bureaus, higher training institutions, professional associations, development partners, and donors to develop the draft strategic framework. 

The draft strategic framework included in this report defines the priority issues and strategic objectives, how these strategic objectives can be achieved, opportunities and barriers to implementation, as well as key stakeholders and their roles.

By utilizing findings from the rapid assessment and expertise amongst participants through structured group processes, key stakeholders reached consensus on a national IST strategic framework that is comprised of a set of 14 strategic objectives that set forth a shared vision and agenda for action to improve in-service training effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability in Ethiopia’s health sector.

Report Author(s): 
Fikreab Kebede, Abyot Asres, Keneni Gutema, and Tana Wuliji
USAID Health Care Improvement Project/URC
ASSIST publication: 
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