USAID ASSIST Project Annual Performance Monitoring Report FY14

This annual report for the USAID ASSIST Project summarizes the project's accomplishments and results in FY14 supporting the application of modern improvement methods by host country providers and managers in USAID-assisted countries.

During FY14, USAID ASSIST provided assistance in 24 countries through field and core funding; activities in 21 of these countries were funded through field support.  Funds from the USAID Office of HIV/AIDS supported activities in community health and health workforce development in Uganda and Tanzania; HIV and AIDS activities in Uganda, Tanzania, and Swaziland; nutrition assessment, counselling, and support in Malawi; and technical leadership activities for the Partnership for HIV-Free Survival, which ASSIST is supporting in Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Lesotho, and Mozambique. 

USAID Office of Health Systems cross-bureau funds supported family planning activities in Niger; pilot maternal and child health activities in Mali and Senegal; maternal, neonatal, and child health activities in Uganda; regional initiatives in the Latin American and East/Central/Southern Africa regions; the development of a framework for systems strengthening through mHealth; and non-communicable disease (NCD) prevention and treatment activities.  The project also provided technical assistance to the Regional Center for Quality in Health Care with field support from the East Africa Region and assistance in Ukraine with Europe and Eurasia Bureau funding.

As discussed in this report, ASSIST-supported programs demonstrated improved care and outcomes for a range of services, including antenatal and postnatal care, essential obstetric and newborn care, PMTCT, HIV care and treatment, TB-HIV case management, and non-communicable disease services. 

The work also contributed to the publication of four peer-reviewed articles; 12 case studies; 11 technical reports; 21 flyers and short reports; and 8 guides for country institutions. The report also discusses the project's research and evaluation studies to help show country programs how and why investment in improvement adds value to health care delivery and to contribute to the body of evidence on improvement methods.

USAID Applying Science to Strengthen and Improve Systems (ASSIST) Project
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