VIDEO: Six-step approach to help teams integrate gender into improvement activities

The USAID ASSIST Project recognizes that integrating gender into all project activities has the potential to improve outcomes for women and men, boys and girls. ASSIST partner WI-HER, LLC developed an innovative and effective six-step approach to help ASSIST teams integrate gender in order to identify and close gender-related gaps in improvement activities. It has been tested in a variety of ASSIST programs and countries and has achieved improved service utilization and retention in care as well as a decrease in adverse events. In this video, Dr. Taroub Harb Faramand of WI-HER, LLC explains each of the six steps and provides real life examples. She shows that gender integration is critical in improvement activities because without considering gender dynamics, improvement risks failing to reach half of the population and unintentionally exploiting or harming women or men, boys or girls.

This video is also available in French and Spanish.

A report on the six-step approach to identify and close gender-related gaps in improvement activities can also be found below and by clicking here.

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