Universal health coverage

Indonesia has created the world’s largest single payer health system. Is it making people healthier?

Edward Broughton

Director, Research and Evaluation, USAID ASSIST Project/URC

Indonesia is the wallflower of international public health – the shy and slightly awkward one at the dance who gets almost no attention. Of course, the life expectancy of Indonesians averages 69, which is a full 13 years lower than its neighbor a few hours south by boat, Australia. It also still has troublingly high levels of tuberculosis and maternal mortality that make it far from the model of health system success.

Final Report: Hospital Accreditation Process Impact Evaluation

This is the third and final report for the Hospital Accreditation Process Impact Evaluation (HAPIE). The study began in 2011 as a study of changes in quality and safety in nine hospitals undergoing either national accreditation through...