VMMC CQI and EQA Toolkit

This toolkit was designed for voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC) program managers, supervisors, providers, and implementing partners, to guide efforts to improve the quality of VMMC services through continuous quality improvement (CQI) and external quality assessment (EQA).  The toolkit is divided into eight sections:

  1. Introduction: This section highlights key quality issues in VMMC programming, describes how quality assurance and quality improvement approaches are applied to improve VMMC program effectiveness and efficiency, and summarizes results from applying CQI in PEPFAR-supported VMMC programs.
  2. Stages in VMMC CQI Roll-out: This section explains the process of introducing CQI into a VMMC program. Twelve discrete stages of developing and rolling out CQI in VMMC programs are described.
  3. External Quality Assessment: This section describes the EQA process and explains the tools used in US Government-led VMMC external quality assessments.
  4. Addressing Key VMMC Quality Issues: Experience with improving VMMC services led to the identification of critical patient safety issues as well as other program issues that lend themselves to CQI.  This section describes such issues and points to specific resources to address them.
  5. Tools: Tools developed by the USAID ASSIST Project and others to support CQI in VMMC programs are grouped in this section for easy access.
  6. Change Ideas and Common Solutions: This section draws on the experience of over two hundred QI teams to offer tested change ideas for common problems encountered in meeting VMMC quality standards.
  7. Case Studies, Articles & Reports: This section includes descriptive reports about applications of CQI to VMMC as well as links to peer-reviewed journal articles related to VMMC CQI and EQA.
  8. Multimedia: This section presents video clips, webinar recordings, and conference presentations related to VMMC CQI and EQA.

The right-hand navigational tabs on each page of this toolkit may be used to navigate between sections.  The "Home" link returns you to this page.  The "About" link takes you to information on how this toolkit was developed.  The "All Resources" link takes you to a page where all of the resources included in this toolkit can be accessed.

Toolkit last updated: June 30, 2017