1. Engage stakeholders

CQI is rooted in evidence-based standards. National-level stakeholders for VMMC, led by the Ministry of Health, must first agree on the VMMC standards and tools which are supported through CQI.  The process of stakeholder engagement may happen relatively quickly if a national VMMC technical working group already exists.  Such a technical working group should include representation of key MOH departments, service providers, international technical agencies, and implementing partners.

Why stakeholder engagement is important: All relevant stakeholders need to come to agreement about how to measure the quality of VMMC services and understand the tools and processes for CQI roll-out so that they feel ownership for the results.  Because not all stakeholders may be familiar with the CQI approach, the stakeholder engagement process may also need to include discussion of results from applying CQI to VMMC in other countries, how the CQI approach relates to other QA and QI methods that have been applied in the country, and the selection of sites where the CQI approach will be introduced.