1. Leadership and Planning


Actions CQI Teams Took to Address the Challenge

Insufficient knowledge of, involvement in, and support for quality assurance and quality improvement

  • Arrange for QA/QI/CQI sensitization training for facility managers

  • Brief facility management and board on CQI and its “return on investment”, i.e. improved patient outcomes and staff fulfilment

Inadequate involvement of facility leadership in day-to-day operations and quality of services

  • Engage facility management from the outset of CQI activities, including the CQI baseline assessment and reassessments
  • Share assessment findings with leadership and inspire buy-in through involving them in action planning to address gaps/needs
  • Ensure continuous communication with facility leadership regarding CQI integration
  • Conduct regular meetings between VMMC stakeholders and management

Lack of ownership and accountability

  • Create a culture for CQI by linking it to the facility’s mission and strategic objectives
  • Include VMMC CQI as standing agenda item for clinic committee/hospital board meetings

Lack of mechanisms to plan and prioritize tasks

  • Support the development of operational plans, and budgets where applicable, for service delivery, staffing, commodities, quality improvement, community involvement and M&E
  • Document plans and adopt tools for prioritizing tasks and monitoring impact

Insufficient knowledge of catchment population and profile

  • Obtain demographics for the catchment area
  • Analyze data and set targets
  • Develop monitoring plan to track progress

Lack of support for female involvement in VMMC

  • Training on how females are relevant for VMMC as sexual partners, mothers, sisters, and caregivers