4. Registration, Group Education, and Client Communication

Challenge Actions CQI Teams Took to Address the Challenge
Clients' data incomplete and inaccurate
  • Hold a team meeting and orient all staff on proper documentation of client details, including recording client data in the register and giving the client a serial identification number
No register/record for group education
  • Improvise with a counter book to introduce a register to capture all clients who come for VMMC services. In this book record the client’s names, address, sex, age, and other details as required by the team.  Leave a column for comments/remarks.
No client VMMC forms
  • Contact the IP and district for the missing forms
  • Keep track of the available stock of forms, and order more before running out of stock
Clients not registered and client forms not completed before clients enter the procedure room
  • Identify a person from the VMMC team and give them the task of carrying out client registration
  • Identify a registration point and include it in the client flowchart
Lack of take-home information, education, and communication (IEC) materials for clients
  • Identify all the IEC materials required for clients and partners
  • Determine amounts required per month and request for them from the district health office or IP
Group education not being done
  • Generate a list of talking points for group education
  • Acquire all the job aids required for the session
  • Identify a specific person(s) to conduct the session
  • Have a plan for clients who arrive after the main session has ended/started to ensure they receive the same information as individuals who attended the session
Inadequate information given to clients during group education
  • Generate a list of talking points from the standards tool and make it a checklist
  • Ensure all counselors use the checklist
No separation of clients according to age groups
  • At registration, separate clients according to age
  • Ensure there is a competent counsellor to provide information to the adults and to the minors
Not using appropriate group education techniqus
  • Convene a meeting for all service providers and get an experienced counsellor or health educator to orient all staff on how to conduct group education. 
  • Review the guidance given in the assessment tool as a team to have a common understanding. If need be, seek support from the IP and district.
Clients not encouraged or allowed to bring female partners or mothers to group education sessions
  • Ensure staff and clients are aware if female partners, mothers, caregivers are welcome at all group education sessions or not
  • Ensure female involvement is discussed at all group education sessions and IEC efforts