7. Monitoring and Evaluation

Challenge Actions CQI Teams Took to Address the Challenge
Lack of relevant VMMC data tools (client cards, forms, adverse events grading scale, VMMC register, HCT register)
  • Estimate the consumption rate of the various materials and request for them through the IP or district health office
  • Keep track of the available stock and ensure that there is enough at all the time
  • Get copies of the required tools
  • Estimate the amounts required for each and request the health unit management to make copies
No designated person for transferring data to the registers from the client forms
  • Bring the health unit records personnel on board
  • Identify a member of the team to work closely with the records team to ensure that VMMC data are correctly captured, summarized, and reported on a timely basis
Registers and client forms not completely filled (missing weights, blood pressure) due to lack of weighing scale, blood pressure cuff, and pulse oximeter
  • Introduce a data quality assessment system within the client flow
  • As the client moves through the various service points, staff at these points cross check the completeness and correctness of data captured at the previous service points
  • Decide not to circumcise any client whose form is incomplete
  • Include a records officer on the team and assign them specific roles including crosschecking for completeness of the register
  • Identify the missing equipment and request the IP to provide them
  • Develop a list of roles and responsibilities and assign the counselor the role of obtaining and documenting the client’s demographics and the circumciser the role of verifying the completeness of the forms
VMMC client forms not well kept; data not correctly summarized, reported, and filed
  • Get copies of monthly summary forms
  • Acquire box files/folders to keep the client forms, according to follow-up or referral (for example, create a folder for clients who are diagnosed with STIs)
  • Fill out the monthly summary form at the end of each month
  • Submit a copy to higher levels
  • Identify the stationery requirements and request from the health unit or IP