EQA Tools

PEPFAR-led VMMC EQAs currently use 10 tools that were developed by the OGAC VMMC Technical Working Group.  These tools are largely based on WHO and UNAIDS normative standards for VMMC. Because PEPFAR places additional emphasis on program efficiency and productivity, PEPFAR-led EQAs for VMMC also include tools that examine program efficiency and productivity and ability to meet targets as well as communication and promotional activities.  PEPFAR VMMC EQA tools also incorporate questions related to PEPFAR's Site Improvement through Monitoring System (SIMS), in order to allow USG staff to conduct SIMS data collection at the same time as the EQA.

Click on the links below (and at right) to read more about how each tool is applied and to download a PDF of the current version of the tool:

A complete PDF of the Site Characteristics Tool and Tools A-I is found in the Resources below.  Tool I is currently being developed as an online tool by Project SOAR and will be available in the near future.