Site capacity and utilization

Site capacity and utilization analysis helps VMMC sites understand the capacity, performance and productivity of service delivery and take actions to improve site utilization rate.

The site capacity and utilization analysis uses data on site characteristics, targets, inputs (i.e., number of beds, circumcisers, counselors, etc.), performance to determine achievement vs target, utilization rate, productivity index.

Despite large PEPFAR and country investment in VMMC programs, targets in many areas are still not being met.  Improving the efficiency of VMMC service delivery can help countries achieve more with available resources, identify potential circumcision saturation in the catchment population, and make informed decisions about demand generation and staffing. 

Quality issues:

  • Many sites are operating below capacity, which signals potential inefficient use of scarce resources; root cause analysis can determine whether inefficiencies are due to inefficient service delivery processes, shortage of staff, lack of demand creation, or saturation of the catchment area.
  • Sites operating above capacity may be at risk of safety issues due to overworked providers and counselors burdened with too many clients to perform effectively.