Stages in VMMC CQI Roll-out

Experience applying CQI in VMMC programs in eight countries has identified 12 stages of incorporating CQI in VMMC programs:

  1. Engage stakeholders
  2. Adapt standards and tools
  3. Plan the CQI baseline assessment
  4. Conduct the CQI baseline assessment, give feedback, and develop action plans
  5. Form CQI teams
  6. Provide training in CQI
  7. Test changes at the site level
  8. Provide coaching support
  9. Conduct CQI re-assessments
  10. Share learning
  11. Coordinate with stakeholders
  12. Sustain high-quality care

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Some programs may move quickly through certain stages if VMMC quality standards already exist that are endorsed by stakeholders or if VMMC sites have had previous experience with quality improvement.  
Ideally, CQI processes should be built into VMMC programs from their inception.  But it is never too late to incorporate CQI into a program; CQI can be introduced at any stage of a VMMC program’s development or a VMMC site’s involvement in delivering VMMC services.