Tool B: Facilities, Supplies, and Equipment

Tool B assesses the adequacy/appropriateness of infrastructure, supplies, and equipment as well as waste management:

  • Facility: Space to allow for easy flow of patients through all processes; cleanliness; temperature, lighting, space and privacy of examination room/s; privacy of HIV counseling and testing room(s); temperature, lighting, space, scrubbing facilities and number of beds in operating theater(s); temperature, lighting and space of recovery room(s)
  • Medicines: Storage, availability, stock-outs, and dispensing register
  • Supplies & equipment: Storage, availability, stock-outs, monitoring and functionality; condom promotion; access and control of safe blood
  • Waste management: Segregation, color-coded containers, treatment, storage and disposal, safe disinfectant treatment of blood spills, and safe disinfection of equipment

Infrastructure is assessed through direct observation.  Adequacy of supplies and equipment is determined through observation and inventory/log review.  If the response to any question is "No", provide a comment in the notes section of the tool.  If stock-outs are noted, ask site staff to explain reasons. The assessor should also examine documentation of annual staff safety training and check for recording of volume of local anesthesia dispensed (SIMS).