Tool F: Surgical Equipment and Procedures

Tool F assesses the adequacy of resources and activities related to screening and preparation of patients for surgery, surgery, post-operative care, management of complications, and prevention of infection, including:

  • Medical history taking
  • Physical examination
  • Surgical preparation (aseptic technique, retraction and marking, anesthetic dosage and administration)
  • Pain management
  • Surgical technique and time (method appropriate procedure, hemostasis)
  • Suture technique and time
  • Dressing material and application
  • Disinfection
  • Infection prevention and control

Assessor must be familiar with the three recommended surgical procedures, refrain from instructing and/or correcting providers, and ask questions for clarity only. .During the on-site EQA, the assessor must observe medical history taking, physical examination, preparation, and surgical procedure as well as observe other concurrent activities, e.g., infection prevention and control, interaction with the client, provision of information, privacy, and post-op care.  The assessor using Tool F should wear appropriate attire (i.e., surgical gown) and obtain permission from clinical staff as well as verbal consent from the client to conduct the observation.