Tool G: Communication with Clients

Tool G looks comprehensively at the adequacy of communication and counseling throughout VMMC process, with attention to accuracy, comprehensiveness, clarity, suitability, and accessibility of information, including verbal (education & counseling) and written materials (signage, posters, brochures, post-op instructions).  Tool G also addresses HIV counseling, test administration, and counselor knowledge, conduct, and sensitivity.

During the on-site EQA, Tool G is applied across seven VMMC care processes:

  1. Registration and waiting
  2. Group education
  3. Individual HIV testing and counseling
  4. Clinical screening
  5. VMMC surgery
  6. Immediate post-operative care
  7. Post-operative follow-up care

Tips for applying Tool G: If the assessor does not speak the language used in VMMC counseling, identify an interpreter to accompany the observation. Review all written informational and educational materials. Obtain verbal consent from counselors and clients prior to the observation.