Tool H: PrePex Procedures

Tool H examines the adequacy of resources and activities related to screening and preparation of patients for PrePex, PrePex procedures, surgical back-up, and prevention of infection, focusing on:

  • Medical history taking
  • Physical examination
  • Disinfection
  • Availability and details of surgical back-up
  • PrePex training, including recognition of potential complications
  • Pre-placement, placement, and removal
  • Adverse event assessment and documentation
  • Infection prevention and control

As with surgical VMMC, the assessor must observe interaction with the client, noting instructions provided; refrain from instructing and/or correcting providers; and ask questions for clarification only. The assessor should obtain permission from clinical staff as well as verbal consent from client prior to the observation. The assessor should note the condition of the client, whether providers are easily able to determine the correct size of the device to be used, adequately address any issues (e.g., pain, discomfort), listen to and note any post-placement instructions given to clients, and follow the client to the post-placement care area.