Breastfeeding Seminar

Washington, DC

Protecting, Promoting and Supporting Breastfeeding in the Field

The TOPS Program, along with USAID Food for Peace, hosted a Breastfeeding Seminar that brought together those who provide technical assistance to USAID Food for Peace-funded programming in the field, along with other key stakeholders. Key objectives were to:

Why parent education is key to saving these children in Uganda

Mary Nabisere

Quality Improvement Advisor, USAID ASSIST Project

(Caregivers in a meeting with a health worker. Photo credit: Mary Nabisere)

Improving Coverage in the HIV Continuum of Care Response: Tested Changes and Guidance from Uganda

Since April 2013, ASSIST worked with the MOH and implementing partners in Uganda through applying improvement methods to implement the HIV continuum of response (COR) across 41 districts. The HIV COR collaborative uses a model that...

Ensuring an Effective Continuum of Response and Cascade of Care for Persons Living with HIV in Uganda

The Continuum of Response (COR) approach seeks to provide clients and their families with the essential prevention, care/support, and treatment services to reduce HIV transmission and disease progression and to maximize health outcomes...

Improving Linkages between Health Facilities and Communities in Muheza, Tanzania

In the Muheza District of Tanzania, the USAID Applying Science to Strengthen and Improve Systems (ASSIST) Project applied the Community Health System Strengthening model to improve linkages between health facilities and communities in...

Tanzania Success Stories: Community Linkages Demonstration Project, Muheza District

Empowering community systems to track lost to follow up Everything Amina* went through after she stopped using ARVs has remained history as now she has a new and promising life. Although stopping using ARVs was not her choice as the side...

Expert Patient Pocket Guide

This pocket guide, in Swahili, was developed in Tanzania to assist Expert Patients in providing education and support to HIV patients.

Strengthening Community Systems to Increase Uptake and Retention of PMTCT Services in Tanzania

Various factors influence poor uptake and retention of prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) of HIV services. Decisions to seek PMTCT care, adhere to treatment, and return for care are complicated and influenced by factors...

Uganda| Chronic Care Collaborative

Date improvement activities began: February, 2011 Aims/objectives: Aim: Improve patient self-efficacy at managing their chronic illnesses-Improvements based on the following aspects of the Chronic Care Model: • Improvements in patients...

Retention of Clients Taking HAART in Care at Hospital/ART Clinc, West Nile, Uganda

Problem: In West Nile Region. AHAP located in Arua regional Referral Hospital. It is also a site that offers services to HIV positive clients with complicated conditions such as cryptococcal meningitis; toxoplasmosis and clients with...