Family Planning and Reproductive Health

Family planning allows women and couples to determine whether and when to have children. The ability to make these choices is fundamental to healthy families and communities worldwide. Improvement methods can help solve the many operational challenges to delivering family planning and reproductive health services in different settings, including integrating family planning with other health services, assuring the availability of a well-balanced mix of contraceptive methods, and increasing the effectiveness of family planning counseling to increase uptake of modern contraceptive methods at both the facility and community levels.

Developing family planning standards in Jamaica

In health care, standards are explicit statements of expected quality in the performance of a healthcare activity. They take the form of specifications for medical procedures, clinical practice guidelines and protocols, standard operating...

Client communication behaviors with healthcare providers in Indonesia

Patient participation in healthcare consultations can improve the quality of decision making and increase patients' commitment to the treatment plan. This study examines client participation, operationally defined as client active...