USAID ASSIST Project FY20 Annual Performance Monitoring Report

University Research Co., LLC (URC) and its partners have completed almost eight years of implementation of the USAID Applying Science to Strengthen and Improve Systems (ASSIST) Project. This report is the 16 th and final Semi-Annual...

Institutionalizing Quality Improvement in Tanzania: A review and a look forward

The USAID Applying Science to Strengthen and Improve Systems (ASSIST) project in Tanzania was tasked to enhance capacity of RHMT/CHMTs in 19 councils in three regions of the Southern Highlands of Tanzania to manage and lead QI efforts. The...

Uganda’s Health Care Quality Improvement Journey

Uganda, a country in East Africa of around 44 million people, represents a unique example of a low-income setting with a long history of national efforts to improve quality of care. Indeed, the current quality movement in Uganda started in...

Institutionalization and Sustainability of Donor-Funded Quality Assurance Initiatives: The Case of Honduras

Institutionalization and sustainability are important issues for any donor funded program as the effectiveness of the initiatives are usually expected to persist after the donor funding period has ended. This report develops a framework...

SUSTAIN's Quality Improvement Change Package

Since 2010, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has been working with Uganda’s Ministry of Health (MoH) to improve HIV and AIDS service delivery at select health facilities through the Strengthening Uganda’s...

Setting Up a Self-Sustaining Quality Improvement Network in India

In May 2016, Kalawati Saran Children’s Hospital (KSCH) began using QI approaches to improve maternal and newborn care in their facility. This approach was very helpful for them in improving processes of care, and they achieved impressive...

Institutionalizing quality improvement in Cote d'Ivoire

Melly Traoré

Chief of Party, Côte d’Ivoire, USAID ASSIST/URC

Translation by: Vicky Ramirez     |     In French

What is institutionalization of quality improvement (QI)?

Institutionnalisation de l’amélioration de la qualité en Côte d’Ivoire

Melly Traoré

Chief of Party, Côte d’Ivoire, USAID ASSIST/URC

In English

Qu’est-ce que l’institutionnalisation de l’amélioration de la qualité?  
L’institutionnalisation de l’amélioration de la qualité (AQ) est un processus continu dans lequel les activités liées à la définition, à la mesure et à l’amélioration de la qualité s’intègrent officiellement et philosophiquement à la structure et au fonctionnement d’une organisation ou d’un système de soins de santé (Projet AQ 2002).

Hunting the beast with five “i”s – institutionalization

Edward Broughton

Director, Research and Evaluation, USAID ASSIST Project/URC

To me, the word institutionalization rolls off the tongue the same way that fingernails roll off a chalkboard. It’s a word so long that I get annoyed with typing it when I’m well less than halfway through. So, here I’ll call it “inst.” It’s my blog – and I’m no masochist.