Low Birthweight/Kangaroo Care

Saving Mothers Giving Life: A Northern Uganda Photo Story

The Saving Mothers Giving Life (SMGL) project was a five year (2012-2017) private–public partnership (PPP) aimed at rapidly reducing maternal and newborn mortality in selected districts of Uganda, Zambia, and Nigeria. In Uganda, which has...

VIDEO: The Story of Baby Miracle

Baby Miracle was born at a mere 25 weeks, after her mother experienced a complication during the pregnancy. This video highlights the timely and life-saving care that both mother and baby received due improvements in care initiated by the...

Fathers helping babies survive: A case study from Ganesh Das Hospital, Shillong, Meghalaya

The USAID ASSIST Project works in Meghalaya to improve the quality of newborn care at Ganesh Das Hospital, one of the busiest hospitals in the state. Of the 1,800 babies admitted to the Sick Newborn Care Unit (SNCU) of GDH each year, the...

Changes that improved newborn health services in India

The change ideas shared in this document is a compilation of ideas that showed success in changing important processes to achieve improvement in services in neonatal period. These change ideas were successfully implemented in a select...

Spanish-Language Webinar: Scientific Evidence to support Kangaroo Mother Care uptake in Latin America


What scientific evidence supports the recognition of Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) as the optimal method in the health and nutrition of underweight newborns? On July 22nd a Spanish language webinar hosted by the USAID ASSIST Project, the Kangaroo Foundation, and the Neonatal Alliance, explored this question and more.

The value of virtual forums: Promoting Kangaroo Mother Care in Latin America

Ivonne Gómez Pasquier

Chief of Party, Nicaragua, USAID ASSIST/URC

In June, the USAID ASSIST-supported Salud Materno Infantil (Maternal and Infant Health) Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) Community of Practice hosted its second virtual discussion forum in Spanish on "Experiences in startup and early consolidation of Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) activities in hospitals in Latin America: favorable aspects, constraints and lessons learned.” As a pediatrician and director of the USAID ASSIST Project in Nicaragua, I was honored to moderate the forum.

Kangaroo Mother Care Community of Practice Virtual Forum in Spanish


The USAID-ASSIST supported  Salud Materno Infantil‘s Kangaroo Mother Care Community of Practice held a  virtual forum in Spanish from June 16th-24th, titled "Experiences in startup and early consolidation of Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) activities in hospitals in Latin America: favorable factors, constraints and lessons learned."

Comunidad de Practica Canguro Seminario Web / KMC Community of Practice Webinar


Nombre del Seminario: “Perspectivas para la expansión del Método Canguro en América Latina: de dónde venimos, en dónde estamos y a dónde vamos”

Implementing Kangaroo Mother Care in El Salvador

Problem: Prematurity in El Salvador, as in many other countries, is a major health problem. Despite myriad efforts to improve maternal health care, the incidence of prematurity continues to increase. In 2011, the incidence of prematurity...

Spread collaborative: Expansion of breastfeeding in Kostroma, Tambov, Ivanovo, Tula and Tver regions of the Russian Federation

Date improvement activities began: October, 2010 Date of end of collaborative: November, 2011 Aims/objectives: To expand the practice of breastfeeding in Russian regions Implementation package/interventions: The WHO/UNICEF Ten Steps to...