Patient Safety

Listening Better Can Save Lives

Sonali Vaid

Quality Improvement Consultant, WHO Collaborating Centre for Newborn Care at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi

It was 2008. I was working as an intern at a hospital in New Delhi, India. A young boy, perhaps 13 years old, came in for a blood transfusion. He had thalassemia so was no stranger to the hospital. I was preparing to start the IV line on the back of his left hand; I found a good vein and was about to put the needle in when he interrupted me. He stuck out his right middle finger and told me demurely to put it in the side of the finger. I gently told him – “No, that is not a good place, it is going to hurt there.” He was quiet and let me proceed.

Medical Record Audit: Tool for Improvement of Quality Healthcare in a Paediatric Unit of a Chilean Hospital

Context: The improvement work was done in the Paediatric Unit of Rancagua Hospital which is the biggest hospital of the Healthcare Public System in the Sixth Region of Chile with 500 beds. Problem: Medical record was of poor quality and...